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We love editorial shoots and feel like they are an amalgamation of my past artistic and journalistic endeavours. Everything from inception to completion is studded with detail and consideration, from initial concept to scouting the right models, styling and direction. Not only do they help showcase rare and beautiful clothes, concepts and collections, but they allow us to collaborate and celebrate the wonderful talented photographers who speak the same aesthetic language and share their vision with us, as they capture our imagination. 

Collaboration with 'Intimacy Photography' (Shot by Dario Laureano & Fiona Rita Blyth). Styling, models & clothes by Pascal & Co. May 2023.

Collaboration with Laura Prieto ‘Spring Fling’ & ‘Bonnie & Bonnie’. Creative direction, styling, models & clothes by Pascal & Co. April 2023.

'Sail Away With Me’ - Vintage Nautical Collection. Creative direction, styling and photography by Pascal & Co. September 2023.

‘The Escapists’ campaign for the luxury British brand RUSKIN photographed by Laura Meek. Vintage Eyewear from Italy, props, model and styling assistance by Pascal & Co. June 2022.